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London Waterproofing Specialists is an approved applicator of Prokol's Pure Polyurea Hotspray technology and other waterproofing and fire-retardant coating solutions.

Prokol systems are manufactured to contain no solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be recycled into green composites, enabling most projects to be delivered with minimal to zero waste.

When applied by approved, trained technicians, products include a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 50 years — providing long-lasting and highly effective waterproofing and fireproofing coating solutions for a range of applications, including warehouse floors, flat roofing and car park decks. Prokol is also the only CE Certified pure polyurea manufacturer in Europe.

Why Pure Polyurea Hotspray?

The latest innovation from Prokol, Pure Polyurea Hotspray is a remarkable coating, lining and joint-sealing technology that combines superior performance and speed of application to create the ultimate marine-grade waterproofing solution.

Pure polyurea products are engineered at the molecular level — combining isocyanate and polyamine to create a molecular structure that is completely insensitive to moisture and the best liquid waterproofing material available on the market.

Hotspray systems are increasingly being used to apply the product as a coating or liner several millimetres thick, providing an instant and seamless waterproofing solution.

Products we use

Our qualified technicians are highly skilled and experienced in using Prokol’s range of protective coatings: Pure Polyurea Hotspray, MonoSeal, FireGuard Pro 200 and ProFast Floor Coating System.

These liquid overcoating products are ideal for commercial and industrial refurbishment and can be hand-applied for small-scale applications or as a major application solution for areas with large square footage. The products can also be used to fireguard buildings and insulation.

Prokol Pure Polyurea Hotspray

Prokol Polyurea Hotspray

Pure Polyurea Hotspray is the ultimate fast-setting spray polyurea waterproofing coating. Ideal for large-scale applications, this technology applies a coating or liner only a few millimetres thick and dries in just five to 15 seconds. During installation, the pure polyurea can be moulded to coat almost any shape with a highly durable, waterproof and fire-resistant structural barrier.

The exceptional chemical credentials of pure polyurea mean the coating system can be used for sensitive applications involving water, such as the inner lining of tanks and basins, swimming pool coatings and boat waterproofing. Other applications include flat roofing, facades, stairs, car park decks and warehouse floor coatings.

Key properties include:

  • Rapid curing time
  • Resistant to solvents, caustics and chemicals
  • Free from solvents and VOCs
  • Cures at -25ºF to >300ºF, even in high humidity
  • Low permeability, excellent sustainability
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock and abrasion
  • Manufactured under green chemistry and fully recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly application process, with no out-gassing occurring during the spraying procedure
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of up to 50 years

Prokol MonoSeal

Prokol MonoSeal

Developed as a long-term, zero-maintenance protective coating solution, Prokol MonoSeal is a cold-applied pure polymer liquid waterproofing coating. The hydrophobic pure polymer cures to form a seamless, waterproof and fire-resistant overcoat that can be used on almost any substrate, including concrete, metal and even bitumen.  

Used for over 35 years across many different industries, MonoSeal is ideal for various waterproofing and fire-guarding applications, such as flat roofing, tanking, balconies, terraces, walkways, floor coatings and other structural protection. As this product is applied by hand, it is best suited to small-scale applications.

Key properties include:

  • UV and chemical-resistant
  • Leaves a seamless, waterproof finish
  • No reinforcement layer needed
  • Fast curing — foot traffic within three to four hours
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of up to 30 years

Prokol FireGuard Pro 200

Prokol FireGuard Pro 200

Prokol FireGuard Pro 200 is a unique fireproof coating — developed specifically to fireguard buildings and insulation. It is best applied to ceilings, stairwells and facades or floors and walls in communal areas. The fast-drying, primer-less membrane is based on a mixture of aspartic ester resins and polyols, which reaches optimum performance for fire safety, mechanical properties and weatherability at a layer thickness of just 150 microns.

This high-performance fire-retardant coating dries quickly at room temperature and can be applied on mineral substrates, metal, gypsum board and wood to provide a highly UV-resistant and easily cleanable surface.

Key properties include:

  • Safe reaction in combination with fire
  • Highly UV and wear-resistant
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick-drying under most conditions
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of up to 20 years

Prokol ProFast Floor Coating System

Prokol ProFast Floor Coating System

Prokol’s floor coating system is based on a combination of polyurea and outside applications, which are up to three times more hard-wearing and scratch-resistant than epoxy and polyurethane coatings — ideal for contract flooring systems.

Thanks to the quick drying time, ProFast can be used to seal and waterproof walkways, balconies, terraces and stairwells, with minimal disruption to residents and users. The polyurea coating system can also be used as a protective coating for warehouse floors, distribution centres and production facilities.

Key properties include:

  • Quick-drying
  • Zero shrinkage
  • Colour-fast and UV proof
  • Can be applied without a primer most of the time
  • Good chemical resistance

Our Approach

Development of various remedial project options and analysis. Establishment of the Clients key waterproofing objectives. Determination of the most resounding methodology to achieve the most robust fix based on clear cost-benefit analysis and scoping of related project steps to resoundingly complete the water penetration problem solve.

End-to-end management of the project to achieve agreed project objectives and terms of reference.

Completing of the project according to scope and deliverables.

Post project and application quality control of final finish including laser analysis of final hotspray coatings by LWS. Independent analysis of project by the coating manufacturer and issuance of final guarantee based on passing QC testing.

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