How we work

A product is only as good as the technician applying it.

As with any coating system, diagnosing the problem and selecting the right product — along with proper surface preparation and the correct application equipment and technique — are crucial to ensure a long-lasting, quality finish.

Our specialist team takes a structured and consultative approach to all projects, diagnosing your problems before drawing up an accurate scope of work and managing the project from start to finish. All our technicians are approved applicators of Prokol products, and quality control is carried out throughout the entire process — before, during and post-application.

Our Approach


Technical analysis of the target site allows us to investigate the root cause of your water penetration issues. Water penetration can occur due to a number of reasons, and there are many areas where moisture can accumulate that are often overlooked via typical inspection processes.

This is why we use thermal imaging as part of our inspection process. Using infrared cameras (or thermal imagers) to detect moisture and building failures is a relatively new but rapidly growing practice in inspection and insurance circles. With infrared technology, we can successfully detect roof failures and other water penetration or fireproofing issues without carrying out extensive damage to the property.

Project Scoping

Following our analysis to identify the problem and establish your key waterproofing or fire-guarding objectives, we can develop various remedial project options for you to consider.

We will determine the best products and application techniques for achieving a one-time fix, based on clear cost-benefit analysis and scoping of related project steps.

Project Management

Once we have agreed the project objectives, budget and timeline with you, we will manage the project from start to end — ensuring you are kept informed throughout.


Our experienced technicians will complete the project according to the scope of work and agreed deliverables — using our innovative Prokol product solutions and high-performance equipment (including proportioning machines, spray guns, heated hoses and mobile spray rigs) to ensure a seamless, durable finish.

Quality Control

Quality control is a priority throughout our projects, and our skilled technicians are trained in the appropriate application of Prokol products. Post-project, we will conduct a final quality control check — using laser analysis to inspect the coating finish.

Issuance of the manufacturer’s guarantee is based on passing this final round of quality control testing and independent analysis of the project by Prokol, the coating manufacturer.

Our Product Suite

Our highly skilled technicians are approved applicators of Prokol’s range of protective coatings: Pure Polyurea Hotspray, MonoSeal, FireGuard Pro 200 and ProFast Floor Coating System.

Prokol Pure Polyurea Hotspray

The ultimate large-scale waterproofing solution

Prokol MonoSeal

Hand-applied for small-scale applications

Prokol FireGuard Pro 200

Designed for fireproofing buildings and insulation

Prokol ProFast Floor Coating System

Hard-wearing and scratch-resistant — ideal for contract flooring systems

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