The Ultimate Rapid Solution: Pure Polyurea Hotspray for Large-Scale Applications

Polyurea has been used for different coating applications since the 1980s. Its chemical makeup allows it to form a durable and flexible product, commonly used to provide fire resistance and waterproofing protection for various structures and substrates.

Polyurea products like Prokol’s MonoSeal can be hand-applied to small areas to provide effective long-term waterproofing protection. However, Pure Polyurea Hotspray (the latest coating innovation from Prokol) is the ultimate quick-apply, fast-set method for coating, lining and joint-sealing in large-scale projects.

How does the hotspray method work?

The term ‘hotspray’ comes from the fact that polyurea is most effective when heated at 60 to 70 degrees Celcius.

Using specialist spray equipment, the hotspray method involves applying a pure polyurea coating onto a prepared substrate by pumping chemicals through heated hoses. 

The chemicals used — diisocyanates and (poly)amines — are transported in large drum sets and kept separate until they combine within the chamber of the spray gun, which proportions each component at a 1:1 ratio via two metering pumps. This is because as soon as the chemicals meet, they begin to react and solidify in mere seconds to create the end product.

With the hotspray method, pure polyurea cures rapidly, enabling a quick return-to-service time — essential for applications in public, commercial or industrial spaces, where every minute of downtime causes lost revenue and disruption.

So, not only does this method produce superior results, but it does so in less time and with greater ease for large-scale applications. These applications could include lining swimming pools and tanks to coating an industrial warehouse’s flat roof or floors.

Why use Pure Polyurea Hotspray for large-scale applications?

Hand-applying a polyurea coating across extensive square footage is a time-consuming task. Think of it like this: if you were painting a wall, it would be much quicker to spray on the paint than it would be to apply it by hand using a brush.

And the longer it takes, the more time that area is out of action and the more money you spend on the installation. In fact, research has found that the average cost of business downtime is approximately £4,400 per minute. If you choose the wrong method, your business stands to lose a significant amount of money — again and again, should you also opt for an inferior product that requires regular maintenance or replacement.

The hotspray method offers a long-term, high-quality waterproofing solution in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost compared to other methods. Its rapid turnaround time and high-performing results make it the ideal cost-effective solution for large-scale applications, such as waterproofing car park decks, brewery cellars and boats.

Invest in the best

The superior chemical credentials of pure polyurea mean the product can be applied across a wide variety of substrates (including in sub-zero temperatures and with the presence of moisture) without reducing the performance of the end product — unlike other inferior membranes on the market.

Plus, Pure Polyurea Hotspray comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so you can be sure you will not be forking out again for maintenance or repairs in the near future.

However, much like spray painting, hotspray application requires precision and practice. So, it is vital to make sure you are going to an experienced and trusted technician to guarantee the best results.

Are you in need of a large-scale waterproofing solution? We are Prokol-approved applicators of pure polyurea using the hotspray method. Get in touch today to speak to one of our experienced waterproofing specialists.