Commercial and Industrial Waterproofing: Why Should I Care?

For most people, ‘waterproofing’ only really comes to mind when buying a new coat or jacket. However, for architects or building and site managers, waterproofing is an essential everyday consideration for maintaining infrastructure and facilities.

But why is it so important to get a specialist waterproofing contractor to apply a protective coating onto relevant structures and equipment — and what could happen if you fail to do so?

A critical line of defence

The point of a waterproof coating is to prevent liquid from penetrating a surface or structure. Failure to do so could result in several issues for a property or site — such as warped flooring, ruined paint jobs, health hazards like mould and vermin infestations or permanent structural damage.

Several industrial and commercial sectors will benefit from waterproofing solutions — including petrochemical, civil infrastructure, food services, the marine industry and public buildings like hospitals, schools or stadiums.

Building structures are constantly exposed to stresses from environmental forces or as a part of daily usage. So, just as building and facilities managers are responsible for ensuring these structures are suitably reinforced against fire damage, they must also consider safety and quality assurances when it comes to waterproofing.

Flat roofs can collect rainwater which, if allowed to seep into ceiling spaces or sit stagnantly, can cause critical leaks and wreak havoc on a building through wear and tear. Such damage to infrastructure can have practical and financial implications for a building and the people who inhabit or operate within it — as well as potentially deadly consequences if left untreated.

Multi-storey buildings such as car parks and offices are also at greater risk of waterproofing issues, as a breach from above can trickle down to lower levels and cause problems in the rest of the building. Plus, without the appropriate preventative measures, an isolated internal pipe leak could infiltrate walls and ceilings and lead to a building-wide disaster.

Industrial waterproofing solutions can also be applied to equipment that is frequently exposed to water, such as tanks in the marine sector that need robust protection against leaks and corrosion. Networks of pipes must also be protected by a suitable protective layer that will prevent deterioration, increase longevity and reduce the cost of repeat maintenance.

The ultimate return on investment

The expense of water damage repairs is not to be underestimated. The average cost of a ceiling water damage repair is £1,550 — and that is only the start. Damage from water leaks is thought to be responsible for up to 80% of building defects, and downtime for repairs can contribute to loss of productivity and revenue.

Yet, waterproofing accounts for just 1% of a building’s costs, according to the Australian Institute of Waterproofing. With this in mind, the price of investing in essential high-quality waterproof coatings for infrastructure is minuscule compared to the potential cost of a waterproofing failure.

You may not notice the leak or subsequent damage until it is too late, so ensuring the correct protective coatings have been applied by a certified waterproofing specialist can help minimise the risk to your building, site, equipment and workers.

Plus, not only is an industry-approved coating solution a smart investment, but it is also a legal requirement for some areas. The British Standards Institute (BSI) lists a number of codes and practices designed to ensure the waterproofing standards for various internal and external applications are upheld.

The best waterproofing solution on the market

Pure polyurea is the ideal material for waterproofing various applications — from commercial roofing to industrial warehouse facilities, brewery cellars, tank linings and more. This rubber-like substance can coat almost any shape to form a protective barrier or seal that efficiently and reliably prevents moisture and water damage.

Prokol’s Pure Polyurea Hotspray is the best liquid waterproofing solution available on the market. This fast-setting polyurea waterproof coating can be sprayed onto a wide range of substrates, providing an instant and seamless waterproofing solution. The quick application method and rapid curing time (five to 15 seconds) minimises downtime and ensures you can return to service as soon as possible.

This waterproofing system is designed to outlive the life of the product or substrate it is applied to and offers manufacturer-approved, 50-year guaranteed protection — fixing all major commercial and industrial water penetration issues with a durable, one-time fix solution.

When it comes to marine-grade waterproofing, cutting corners will cost you more in the long run — which is why we only use the highest quality pure polyurea products to provide a waterproofing solution that lasts. Keen to waterproof your site or building and eliminate repeat maintenance costs? Get in touch today to speak to one of our Prokol-approved technicians about your next project.