Why Choose Pure Polyurea Hotspray for Your Next Project?

Why Choose Pure Polyurea Hotspray for Your Next Project?

Pure Polyurea Hotspray is the latest protective coating innovation from Prokol — the industry leader in durable waterproofing and fireproofing solutions. But what is pure polyurea exactly, and why is the hotspray application method ideal for your next commercial or industrial project?

Pure polyurea vs hybrid substances

Polyurea is often compared to polyurethane and epoxy — perhaps because an amalgamation of urethane and polyurea technologies is used to form the polyurethane hybrids that we now often see across a range of applications.

However, the catalyst that drives urethane linkage to create polyurethane is impeded by moisture and temperature variations, causing issues with curing and other physical properties. As a result, these hybrid membranes produce inferior results, contributing to coating failures and defects — which will inevitably need maintaining or replacing again further down the line. Although these coatings may be cheaper to install in the short term, they can often create costly, ongoing problems.

So, why keep repairing a failing product or substrate with the same traditional product — over and over again?

Pure polyurea is engineered at the molecular level — combining isocyanate and polyamine to create a molecular structure that is completely insensitive to moisture. Compared to epoxy and polyurethane coatings, pure polyurea has greater durability and resistance to water, chemicals, UV, abrasion and temperature.

Not only is pure polyurea suitable for sealing roofs and warehouse flooring, but it can also be used to coat, seal or line almost any shape — providing a highly durable, waterproof and fire-resistant structural barrier. As a result, several industries are starting to take advantage of the practical applications of pure polyurea coating solutions.

How is pure polyurea applied?

Specialist waterproofing contractors are increasingly using hotspray systems to apply pure polyurea as a coating or liner, only a few millimetres thick, for an instant and seamless waterproofing solution over large areas. This liquid overcoating method combines the performance of pure polyurea with a rapid coating application system to deliver a far superior solution.

The pure polyurea membrane is created by binding diisocyanates and (poly)amines to cause urea linkage. This reaction forms a plastic or rubber-like compound that is highly flexible, durable and resistant to many external variables. With the hotspray method, technicians use specialised application guns to pump the two components through heated hoses. The chemicals then mix within the chamber, and a pure polyurea coating is sprayed immediately onto the substrate.

The quick-spray application process (and even faster curing time) means the hotspray coating method has a rapid turnaround, even on a large scale — essential for reducing downtime and labour costs on-site. As such, Pure Polyurea Hotspray is a highly cost-effective solution for commercial and industrial projects where areas with a large square footage need to be treated.

Ideal for large-scale commercial and industrial applications

As Pure Polyurea Hotspray cures at -25ºF to >300ºF (about -31ºC to >150ºC), even in high humidity, it is a versatile, year-round waterproofing solution — including for sensitive applications involving water, such as the inner lining of tanks, swimming pool coatings and boat waterproofing.

The protective coating also has a wide range of other uses across various sectors — from flat roofing, facades and stairwells to car park decks and warehouse floor coatings. Pure polyurea coatings can also be used to form a protective seal around deteriorating concrete structures (for example, in hospital settings, where it is crucial to minimise bacterial propagation in cracks and crevices) or line pipes to prevent corrosion.

Prokol systems are manufactured to contain no solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be recycled into green composites. The application process is environmentally friendly and does not produce out-gassing during the spraying procedure. As a result, most projects can be delivered with minimal to zero waste — crucial given the increasing focus on sustainable practices across many industries.

This is why, when it comes to large-scale applications, Pure Polyurea Hotspray is THE long-term solution for all major water penetration problems and coating issues.

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